Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Drywall vs. Paneling?!

Okay so over the past few months a battle has been going down in the princess house. Me & the hubs have had different ideas and arguments for what to do with our walls. I prefer drywall, it looks better and I just want it. The hubs however has been talking about covering the place top to bottom with wood paneling, yuck! I understand it may be some peoples style but it's definitely not mine! I grew up in a lot of places that had wood paneling & i definitely do not want my first home to be covered in it. So let's talk about the pro's & cons shall we for any future people stuck in this situation.

Pro's:                            Cons:
Its easy!                                   It can be a fire hazard without drywall behind it
It's fast                                     It can bulge & warp if it gets humid in the house
                                                It's so dark & dreary
                                                Once you install it your stuck with it (does not look good painted)
                                                You can't patch it like you can patch a hole in drywall
                                                I'm just sick of it!!!

Pro's:                                        Cons:
It's easy to change color                It's a little harder to install
It looks clean                                 Might be slightly more expensive after buying everything needed (not by            
It lasts longer                                       much)
Easier to keep house cool or warm

I may add more pro's & cons as I think of them or if you have any you can suggest them to me & I'll add them to the list to be informative for someone else deciding between the 2.

The Decision:
So after this battle of the hubs saying "but paneling is cheap & easy" and me saying "but i want drywall, paneling will warp and you cant change it unlike where u can just paint over drywall once u get sick of the color" we were stuck in a rut, for months. We didn't talk about it because we couldn't come to a decision, but now a decision has been made. I have rung VICTORIOUS! 

We have decided on drywall & I'm slightly afraid to post this at the risk he might change his mind but I figured I would inform you guys of our decision making. We've already bought a little bit of the drywall for the house and still have plenty more to buy. Hope this post has been helpful.


Project Making Home Update: This is going to be a long series because me & the hubs aren't just taking out a loan or have a lump some of money we can spend on renovations, we are doing it check by check what we can afford as we can afford it, which is why its slower then most renovations so sit tight, more coming soon on it. 


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  1. Great choice! We just moved into a house that had wood paneling and I wanted so badly to rip it out and put in drywall...but that would be a big job! So we painted it and it looks a LOT better, but drywall would look much better :)


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