Thursday, April 26, 2012

Busy Weekend Planned!

I was planning to put up a short easy DIY projects I have recently done up this past Monday but got so busy I haven't gotten the chance. I've been so busy that when I did do craft projects sometimes I forgot to take pictures as I done em. But I do have a few I've done I plan to post eventually.

But this is the last week of school. I am in college and my finals are next week, so I am in a race to get all my assignments done & turned in in time. After I get all these assignments done I have to study for finals. However, tomorrow something big is going down with our place and we may be able to start working on it this weekend (I know I know, I still haven't even showed you the before house tour...I'll get to that.) BUT, not only do I have tons of homework to do, studying for finals 2 do before Wednesday, house things to work out tomorrow, but me & my sister & her husband have been planning a shopping expedition, and it just happened to land on this weekend. We don't have malls around where I live so when we can schedule a time to go I do anything I can not to reschedule because I don't get to go often. SOOO on that happy note, I have been cramming to get homework done all week and it will continue through to next week. *my teachers must hate me cause they assigned me a billion assignments to do the week of finals :(

Here's my plan:
*Today-Errands, clean house, & cram as many homework assignments in today as possible!
*Tomorrow- I will be doing business with the house, probably all day. Then me & my sis have 2 plan out when & where were gonna meet for our road trip/shopping trip!
*Saturday-I will be on a shopping trip (trying not 2 spend much money so I can put it towards fixing up our place), It will be all day by the time we drive outta state to the closest mall, shop all day, then drive back home!
*Sunday-Wednesday: This is crunch time, no breaks! homework, homework, homework and study for finals!

Starting next weekend-SUMMER BREAK BABY!!!

So that's why no posts, I'm shocked I had time to write this one. Gotta for real..I got things to do lol.
Thanks for stopping by!! :)

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