Wednesday, April 4, 2012

New Project: Making Home!

The exciting news is coming out. I would like to have waited a little longer but I CANNOT contain myself, I'm too excited to get started although telling you doesn't hurry the process any but still. I'm bursting to tell. I'm going to be doing a new project, a HUGE project. My biggest project I've ever done.

As of April fools day, My  husband and I officially became homeowners! AHHHH!!! Our first place ever! ahh! sorry I'm so excited. However its not all so simple, lol. We bought a place BUT we cannot move into it just yet, it might be a while. Since I was a kid I always wanted to own my own place & not have to rent forever... knock knock, is that my dream come true at the door?

there's a catch. We got a killer deal, I'm talking unbeatable...because the house is something I shouldn't be, but am very excited about. A Fixer-Upper! Yes it needs work, a lot of work, that's why we got such a deal, but I'm so excited to start because that just means we can fix the house the way we want it. We may not be demolishing walls or nothing because I like the layout of the house but we will definitely have a lot of work to do on it before we can move into it. AND we can't even start cleaning & fixing it up for about a month! :( I know sad right. The anticipation will kill me, I've known for about a week and my mind is already full of all kinds of crazy ideas and things to do.

Home Tour? Why yes don't mind if i do. Before we start any cleaning or fixing (yes I said cleaning you will see it as messy as I did) I will post pictures of what it looks like inside so you know what were working with and where I'm starting at from the get-go. It's going to be a long bumpy ride! When I went to look at it, I took pictures, So you will be seeing it the same way I did for the first time. There will be a Before House Tour, and after the entire place is finished to my liking(whenever that may me) an After Home Tour. And I'll be taking you all along with me throughout the whole thing from cleaning to painting to decorating. YAY! I'm sooo excited, this is HUGE!

So join me on this huge project of turning a dumpy old house into my home, from top to bottom!

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