Saturday, April 7, 2012

Blog Tips & Updates 2!

Welcome back to my world. I figured out a few more things I was working on for my blog and again I'd like to share things as I learn them so hopefully they may come in handy for some of you! REMEMBER: I'm a beginner and am in no way a professional with any of this, so these are just the ways and sites that have helped me figure out what little bit I know.

First things first...
Customized Favicon:
If your anything like me you may find yourself thinking "what is a favicon again?" lol its the little symbol that shows up on the tab bar next to your website.
I made mine on Picnik, like all things. I'm going to be so sad when it shuts down this month :(
But I used this tutorial HERE at Living Laughing and Loving. It's super easy to do!

Tutorial Thumbnail Page:
I wanted one of these for my DIY projects and such that I love doing. But it took me foreverrrr to figure it out because all the tutorials I found you had to pay for a program thing to make it with & I'm cheap and definitely wanted a cheap version. So I used This Tutorial at Meggipeg. It gave me pretty easy to follow instructions.
You can look at my page up on my menu bar under the DIY Projects.

Menu Bar:
I used Picnik again as always to make my buttons so they match my header. I'm pretty pleased with them. Again I used a tutorial found Here at Living Laughing and Loving. I of course made mine following their instructions but because I was making them on Picnik in order to get them all the same size I made one big long bar and put all my buttons on it so I knew they would all fit together good. Then I just cropped the same picture into seperate pictures so I have all the buttons that I know will fit each other because they were made together! I hope you can understand that I know I am not good with explaining things and tend to get confusing. You can see my menu bar above which consists of HomeAbout MeDiy ProjectsProject: Making Home, and Contact.

I hope you guys enjoy all these helpful sites that I've found in the browsing process! Good Luck & Let me know if you use any of these pages because I would love to check out your blog after you customize it and make it your own, I love checking out new blogs!

Happy Blogging

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