About the Hillbilly Princess!

Title says it all, I'm a Hillbilly Princess from Kentucky.  I still like to think I have a girly side to me, I'm a princess deep down inside like all other girls.  I'm obsessed with Do-It-Yourself projects and anything crafty I can do with my hands. I am an internet addict  & almost equally as addicted to chocolate. I'm no professional with blogging or designing or anything else I do, I just do my best with what I have and what I can learn from Google and Pinterest. Pinterest is also an addiction of mine, can't seem to get enough, it's like my craft crack where I can get my creative fix! This blog started out as a place to put my do-it-yourself projects I done as I planned my diy/budget wedding & it has blossomed into a place to let my creative juices flow, I love organizing, decorating, and anything else of the sort. I'm super friendly and love people so feel free to comment or email me!

 I'm Married to the most wonderful man I have ever met. We've been married since July 2011 and we still have a lot to learn but we are taking it day by day with each other. Yes I am a Hillbilly Housewife, No I am not running around barefoot & pregnant! *haha oh did I mention I was funny too?*

The Hubs loves fishing, watching TV, climbing trees, & babies (that big softy).. He's money crazed & is usually found sitting somewhere with a notebook calculating money he's got, doesn't got, and wants to spend. His mind is a constant calculator adding up hours and money (yet he is the worst person at managing money that I have ever seen in my entire life, seriously!)

My fur-babies Chewy & Toot! 
Chewy is my Jug (Pug/Jack Russell), and Toot is my Jack-Chi (Jack Russell/Chihuahua).
They are mean as can be lol but lovable also. They enjoy chewing everything I own and what they don't chew on they pee on. But they are my babies and I love them! They are spoiled rotten and know they run the house! <3

Thank you all so much for stopping by & viewing my page. I hope you enjoy my blog!

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