Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day + Lack of Princess?!

First off...

Hope you are all having a wonderful father's day this year!!


No Princess???

So I am without internet, as I write this very blog post I am sitting in a parking lot in my car with my laptop outside of sears using their wireless internet. We might possible be moving soon & no not into our new place we just bought, it is nowhere near being in move in condition, so some of our utilities we went ahead and had disconnected .(Now I'm wondering whyyy, "why why???")

I had planned on posting my BEFORE Home tour of our place since we are finally to that point were we can start working on it but because of lack of internet and packing I probably will not be able to post anything in the next few weeks. However ya never know I might, but I doubt it. But Once I get back on track with internet I will definitely be posting the before home tour very soon. I have waited so long because we had to wait FOREVER to get the place available to where we could actually start tinkering with it. We've done a few things, nothing major but no worries I've been keeping track and pictures of what were doing so I can keep you all updated, only issue is of course I'm behind on posting them because this week I've been posting Father's Day projects and things and now I'm left with no internet. 

So to wrap it up: Me=no internet = no new posts! *gasp*
But, "Before" Home Tour Coming Soon!!!

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