Monday, June 11, 2012

Fun Easy DIY Father's Day Gifts!

So this is actually going to be Father's Day gifts for my Grandfather who we all call Papaw! My nephew Miguel is the light of his life, So we decided to let Miguel make his Father's Day Presents this year! But this gift idea could be made for a father or grandfather, or even a mother or grandmother for a birthday or mother's day! Both of the gifts shown are super easy & fun to make, especially for the toddler who's helping hand you'll be using!!

Cost Breakdown:

Wooden Hand Print Plaque:
Paint-0.53 Cents (just got acrylic paint, ended up using paint that came with shirt though)
Plaque-0.97 Cents
Elmer's Painters-$1.97
(All purchased from Wal-Mart)
Total: $3.47 (+ tax)

World's Best Grandpa Hand Print Shirt
Shirt + Paint Kit $9.50 
(they also have these that say World's Best Dad too, they come with blue, red, & yellow paint)
Also bought at Walmart!
Total: $9.50 (+ tax)

you don't necessarily have to buy the t-shirt kit you could probably get a plain t-shirt for cheaper and do the hand prints on it and if you still wanted the words you could get the Elmer's Painter's Pen and write whatever you want on it. Just a tip for a cheaper alternative.

Wooden Plaque
Painters Pen
Toddler! LOL
he was sooo ready to get started!!

1. Pour paint in color of choice onto a foam plate or something disposable. Make sure you spread it a little bit so its big enough for your kid to stick their whole hand in all at once.
2. Now you are going to dip the toddlers hand in the paint (or let them do it themselves if you trust they'll do it right lol but Miguel needed showing a time or two before he got it down just right.) Miguel loved this part. (TIP: LET THEM PUT THEIR HAND ON SOMETHING ELSE LIGHTLY FIRST AFTER DIPPING IT IN PAINT LIKE PAPER OR A FOAM PLATE OR SOMETHING BECAUSE IF THEIR HAND HAS TOO MUCH PAINT ON IT, IT WILL LOOK KINDA BLOBBY LIKE MINE LOL)

3. Next Place their hand on the plaque and press firmly to get the full print. (you will probably need to help them with this part because Miguel thought it was fun to smear his hand on whatever he touched and u want a handprint not a blob! LOL.)

4. Let Dry & Write whatever message you want on it with Painters Pen. Let Dry & Then your Done!!  I originally planned to just write "Miguel 2012" but decided to write "Miguel Loves Papaw 2012"


Do the same as with the plaque, just press their hand on the t-shirt
(it comes with instructions if you need it but its pretty straightforward.)

just thought this picture was too cute,  he LOVED painting with his hands!

Hope you guys enjoyed this fun & easy gift idea for Dads or Grandpa's!


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