Monday, September 24, 2012

Dog Silhouette Wall Art Tutorial

Hey I apologize for it taking so long to get another post up, I was very badly sick for a while and have been working on my place like crazy!! Time was lost. I will try and post my progress on my home soon, to see what I've already done check out Project: Making Home!

I made three of these dog silhouettes of my dog Shaybug (who is staying with my mom). Two for me, one of her whole body & one of her head..& one full body one for my mom. I wasn't sure exactly which room I would hang mine in yet so I just picked two colors I know I'd like, blue & green! My mom's is pink to match  her bedroom. I've seen a few Dog Silhouettes floating around Pinterest & I absolutely love my furbaby so I knew it was a must do project. See how I done it below!!

Printed or drawn picture of dog
Paint brushes (I used 2, a small one a medium sized one)

I got this 10 pack of 8 x 10 Canvas's for about $10-14 I think at Michael's. I used 3 in total for this project to make 3 separate silhouettes.

1. First you pick your pictures you are going to do your silhouette of. I chose these two of my baby girl. (isn't she adorable?! She's half Chihuahua and half Jack Russell, so hyper and lovable!)

2. Make your Fur-baby into a silhouette. I went to picmonkey & used the doodle feature to fill in where my dog is to make it a silhouette. Or I believe you can adjust the contrast on the picture & it will do basically the same thing.

3. Next your print out your silhouette. (I just traced mine, but printing would be ALOT easier!)

4. Next use Scissors to cut your silhouettes out.

5. I decided my placement on my canvas's where I wanted them to go. Then I took a pencil & I VERY lightly traced the silhouette carefully. the lighter it is the less chance you have of being able to see the pencil lines through your paint, especially if you are using a light color.

6. Just to ensure my dog silhouettes were light enough I took my eraser and erased my lines, not completely, but just enough to lighten up my lines so you couldn't see it through the paint but make sure you can still see the outline of your dog to paint it. (if that makes sense, I know I can be confusing.)

7. Next take your paint (in color of your choice) and paint either the dog or the background. I couldn't decide which to do so on the full body one I painted the background & left the dog white, but on the silhouette of my dogs head I just painted her head & left the background white. It's whichever you prefer.

(I used 2 paintbrushes, one small and one larger. I used the smaller one for actually outlining the dog and getting into the small spaces, and the larger one to cover more area at once getting the big open spaces.)

Paint Colors:
Blue Paint is Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint in "Bright Blue"
Green Paint is Folk Art Acrylic Paint in "Apple Orchard"
Pink Paint is Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint in "Pink Parfait"
(you'll see the pink in the final pictures)

I just started around the edges n then filled in the rest of what I had planned to paint.

8. Let Dry & Hang!! 

 I used the same picture & stencil for the pink one as I did the blue, I just rotated it to face a different way so they were a little different! I loved how they turned out & my mom loved hers!

These also make great gifts for your pet loving friends & family (which is what I'm doing with the pink one that I made for my mom). You can find someone who loves their pets and use pictures they've posted on Facebook to make it with.

I hope you guys enjoyed this, I had so much fun making it & I loved how they turned out. They are super easy and will look amazing hanging in any room. What better way to show your dog/cat/other pets how much you love them than by hanging personal handmade art of them.


  1. so fun. We don't have a dog but your tute could work for whatever silhouette! and those are fun colors. Thanks for the inspiration

    1. yeah I LOVE any kind of colors that are bright and fun, i'm convinced when finished painting my house it is going to look like a rainbow!! Thanks for stopping by & checking out my blog & commenting! :)

  2. These are adorable! I am definitely going to have to make some of my pups. Pinning this.

    1. Yes I love them, one of my favorite projects by far! You will love seeing your beautiful pups hanging on your wall! Thanks for stopping by & commenting! :)

  3. Such a cute and easy way to add some color and fun to your walls! Thanks for joining us for the CHQ Blog Hop - hope to see you again next week! :)

  4. Cute idea! I can imagine so many different possibilities for art ideas now!

    Thanks for joining Keep Calm & Link Up last week! We hope to see you again this Thursday evening! xo, Meredith @


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